Faller 190074 Promotional Set Village funfair

Year Model : 2020
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Product ID FA190074
Manufacturer Faller

Faller 190074 Promotional Set Village funfair

Get on and have fun! Village funfair comprised of a 2-column dodgem car ride with old cars, a toilet carriage and barrier fences made of information and advertising banners as well as fairground signs. The dodgem car ride can be driven through FALLER synchronous modeller’s motor, Art. 180629 (not supplied).
This building kit contains: 169 single parts in 11 colors, window foil, 2 decorations and 2 construction instructions. Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.
Fairs, carnivals, fairground
Period IV:
1978 - 1985
Dimensions Dodgem cars:
215 x 190 x 105 mm
Dimensions Toilet wagon:
90 x 43 x 43 mm
Dimensions Fence:
240 x 1,5 x 22 mm
ISBN 4104090900748
Price: $81.99
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