Faller 130160 Modern fire station

Year Model : 2016
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Faller 130160 Modern Fire Station HO Gauge
Be heart and soul. Signal-red fire station similar to the original built in Oberndorf on the Neckar, comprised of a two-storey front building with administrative and social rooms as well as an adjacent hall with four parking spaces for fire engines, and for use as workshop or washing hall. A striking administrative wing: in that horizontal bloc with roofed terrace and modern strips of windows, the glazed building corner with folded concrete stairs at the entrance to the radio control station creates an animated play of light and shade. A transparent vehicle hall: in the second flat-roof construction where the heavy fire engines turn out and return everyday, the glazed multiple-leave folding doors without transom let daylight generously penetrate into the halls. Openings of gates on the front and rear sides allow the use of FALLER Car System. Do you fear any lack of space? Your operational vehicles will find more space in the appliance hall Art. 130161, suggested as a complement.
Level of Difficulty:
Trade, business, industry
Period V:
1986 - 2006
Dimensions 1:
208 x 135 x 76 mm
Dimensions 2:
261 x 135 x 64,5 mm

ISBN 4104090301606
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