Faller 120277 Roundhouse with drive components

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Product ID FA120277
Manufacturer Faller

Faller 120277 Roundhouse with Drive Components
Three-platform, expandable engine shed with 7.5 degree partitioning with ridge turrets and large side and rear windows for the locomotives in your collection with up to 290 mm overall length. Servo drive components for all gates, as well as numerous accessories such as spindle lifting jacks, engineer waiting shelter and transformer station are included in the kit.
This building kit contains: 322 single parts in 8 colours, window parts and 2 construction instructions. Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
Level of difficulty:
Railway technical buildings
Period II:
1921 - 1945
Dimensions engine shed:
378 x 322 x 125 mm
Dimensions engineer waiting hall:
41 x 38 x 38 mm
Dimensions transformer station:
51,5 x 34 x 38 mm
Dimensions spindle lifting jack:
88 x 20 x 40 mm (2 x)

ISBN 4104090202774
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