Faller 120276 Small Wagon Turntable with Servo Drive

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Product ID FA120276
Manufacturer Faller

Faller 120276 Small Wagon Turntable with Servo Drive
Laser-cut model of a manually operated turntable with wooden casing and two exits for the distribution of wagons at small depots or factory installations with freight service. It is driven by the included servomechanism. The building kit also contains inserts for Märklin K tracks, 2-conductor rails and the tracks H0m and H0e. Required track length: 90 mm.
This building kit contains: 65 single parts in 3 colours and 1 construction instruction. Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT Lasercut glue.
Level of difficulty: Standard
Category: Railway technical buildings
PeriodII: 1921 - 1945
Dimensions: 110 x 24 mm

ISBN 4104090202767
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