Faller 120163 Gantry crane

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Product ID FA120163
Manufacturer Faller

Faller 120163 Gantry crane
The top part of the crane can be rotated manually by 360° (engine cannot be retrofitted). The crane bridge can be manually moved on the included rail mock-up. The crane is optionally equipped with a single crane hook, a heavy double hook, gripper shovel or wood grippers. The package also contains a coal bunker, in which various coal types and other bulk materials can be stored. This way, a beautiful scene can be built. This building kit contains: 239 single parts in 5 colours, window parts and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
Level of difficulty: Standard
Period III: 1946 - 1977
Clearance: 80 mm
Clearance width: 125 mm
Dimensions 1: 230 x 201 x 250 mm
Dimensions 2: 189 x 100 x 31 mm

ISBN 4104090201630
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